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Hey there! My name is Emily, and I'm an aspiring bioengineer who really just has hopes and dreams of becoming a writer, while Caroline and Izzy just want me to genetically engineer a dragon. Basically they have no idea what I do.

I started this blog (and coerced my best friends into joining me) to satisfy my love of books, especially gushing about them, and giving credit to all the authors who've managed to make it further than me in their respective endeavors! Seriously, what I wouldn't give to just be able to finish a story... I'm basically a total sucker for romance, anything with adorable banter and a healthy dose of smolder is usually a winner. Also, the more paranormal/sci-fi the better. I'm not picky. My love of books doesn't have a distinct point of origin, but my love of YA developed sometime during mother-daughter time that consisted of reading Harry Potter (the first and always love). If just one person could find an awesome book from one of my reviews, I'll consider this craziness 100% worth it.

While I appreciate all genres, YA novels are close to my heart, and if they just so happen to have a paranormal twist, all the better! I love it when a strong female lead, who can actually hold her own in a fight, and maybe even kick some ass along the way, dominates the book. I also tend to be really defensive when it comes to female protags and all the flack they tend to get (really, ladies; why do we always hate on each other?). On the flip side though, I do love the boys. They're handsome. They're daring. They're smart. Sometimes they're assholes. But they sure as hell know how to make a girl melt. Basically, I have highly unrealistic expectations, thanks to books. Thanks guys. Reeaaalll helpful.

I usually prefer (and will likely review) YA and NA books, but will try anything at least once. I'll also be trying to convince Caroline and Izzy to read a ton of different things.


Hi! I'm Caroline, and I am not an aspiring bioengineer. I am, however, a Classics and English double major (with a minor in Nonviolence, haha). I have always had a very, VERY soft spot for YA books, especially faerie books, but I would never say no to a vampire or a shadowhunter! I can always get behind a good romance but sometimes I get really hung up on the logistics, although not in a way that interferes with my imagination. I am not usually a fan of reading about the collateral damage but I am a huge fan of writing it!

I will be reviewing probably mostly YA books, but do not be surprised if I choose to explore my other interests as well.


Howdy! My name is Izzy! While I am also not a bioengineer, I am an English and Economics double degree with minors in Business and Russian. What can I say—I love not having a social life! My plans: editing would be nice; writing would be awesome; and financial analysis is probably what I’ll end up doing.

Basically, I’m your average hermit, who would rather spend her time with books than people. I’ve got a highly inflated ego, won’t hesitate to crack a joke (even at my own expense, but usually yours), and I’ve got a wicked temper that my Irish ancestors would celebrate with a ballad and a handle of whisky, the Russians would stoically salute with a shot of vodka, and the Germans…well, the Germans wouldn’t really care, but I’d imagine they’d say, “F*ck it, let’s have a beer!” and then proceed to write some morbid fairytales.

Now that you’ve got the psychological background, let’s get into the important stuff: I’d like to believe my love of reading and writing is just part of my genetic code. Since I was little, I’ve loved escaping into the other worlds that books provide and dream of one day inspiring others to write. Very few things can get me more excited than a good book!

Like my lovely friends, YA novels also have a special place in my heart, with those handsome guys and their zingy one-liners… but I wouldn’t necessarily say that they’re my focus. For me, the romance takes a backseat to the adventure. I’m not one of those weak-kneed girls, who swoon at the thought of a dashing boy telling me how wonderful I am. I know that already and don’t need your confirmation, thank you very much. I admire a strong female protagonist, who knows just how kick-ass she really is. With that said, I typically stick with Sci-Fi/Fantasy but I love the Realistic and Historical varieties as well. I enjoy the confusing, the infuriating, the gut wrenching and the pee inducing stories. Really, I’ll read anything with a good hook.

For the most part, I'll be reviewing Adult Novels. I know, I know, I just said that I'm not a huge romance person...but these books are gems. Sometimes you actually get a good story, but more often than not you're guaranteed to get a good laugh!

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