Review Policy

We will happily accept review copies in exchange for honest reviews. This means a review copy will in no way insure a positive review. Our preferences for review are as follows:

Emily is primarily interested in Young Adult and New Adult books in these general genres:
  • Paranormal
  • Fantasy
  • Sci-fi
  • Dystopian
  • Romance
  • Contemporary Romance
  • Chick-lit
  • Realistic Fiction
She will, however, take almost anything into consideration. Any reviews she writes will also be posted on Goodreads and Amazon. Feel free to contact her at the.one.and.only.emamula@gmail.com.

Izzy will pick up anything you throw at her, but will definitely read:
  • Paranormal
  • Dystopian/Futuristic
  • Sci-fi
  • Fantasy
  • Mystery
  • Adult Novels (may giggle like a schoolgirl, though)
  • Realistic Fiction
Feel free to contact her at: elizabeth.grimm73@gmail.com.

Caroline will consider absolutely anything, but is especially interested in:
  • Faeries
  • Angels
  • Dystopian/Future
  • Historical Fiction
  • Vampires
Contact her at queenmamacheerio@gmail.com.


Emily and Izzy strongly prefer hard copies, but have Kindles and will accept .mobi files.
Caroline will accept .mobi files for Kindle.


F@#$ing ratings - how do they work?! Here's what we're thinking when we rate a book:

Congratulations! It's a book! Unfortunately, that's really about all we think of it.

Didn't like it. Wasn't for us.

We didn't not like it.

Something was missing. It was okay.

It was close. Just not quite there for us.

Liked it! Worth reading.

Liked it a lot! Will probably recommend.

Really liked it! One or more of us probably owns it, or now wants to. Will recommend.

Really great! Possibly a new favorite! Will definitely recommend.

Completely awesome! Amazing! Recommendations all over the place! Definitely a favorite.

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