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Review: Safe With You by Kirsten DeMuzio

Safe With You (First and Last #1) by Kirsten DeMuzio

Release Date: April 27, 2013
Genre: New Adult, Contemporary, Romance
Pages: 161
Format: eBook
Source: Review Copy from Author
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After overcoming a difficult childhood, Taryn Ross has a fairy tale life—her father is a Senator contemplating a run for President, her mother loves to take her shopping for ridiculously expensive clothes, and she is finishing up her junior year at NYU.

What she doesn’t have is love—the heart pounding, mind blowing, passion filled love that she reads about in her collection of steamy romance novels. But that might change when she accepts a cup of coffee from a sexy mysterious stranger.

Wyatt Hunter has experienced a loss that has him living each day just going through the motions. His world is in dull shades of gray—until the day he meets Taryn. She brings vibrant brilliant color back into his life, and he can’t stand the thought of going on without her.

But Wyatt is holding a secret that could send Taryn running when she finds out.

**This book contains adult situations and explicit content. Recommended for readers ages 18 and older.**

Of all of the books in Kirsten DeMuzio's First and Last series, Safe With You was my least favorite. That's not to say I didn't enjoy it—it was a fun read with all the right elements—but the story was really short, which put everything at an accelerated pace, and predictable. I had read Just One Reason (the second book in the series following Taryn's cousin, Lindsay) first, so I was already aware of the "big reveal," but it really wasn't subtle regardless of my prior knowledge.

Also, insta-love is rampant. I have a bad habit of being able to justify courtships that are a little too fast-paced a little too well, but this felt quick even for me. Within a couple of weeks they're in love and with the one and I just kind of wanted to tell them to slow their roll a bit. The fast pace also meant there wasn't a whole lot in the way of strong character development, so it felt a little bit cookie cutter. You could have put virtually any type of characters in their shoes, and it would've felt about the same. But, despite the rougher bits, it's a fun read with a little bit of sexiness and a sweet HEA that doesn't see a whole lot of opposition or conflict.

Safe With You is a short, simple, sweet—but still enjoyable—romance. If you're in the mood for a very quick romance without a whole lot of surprises or hiccups, this is a a great choice.

About the Author

I am an author of new adult and contemporary romance novels. My husband and I live in Columbus, Ohio with our two young daughters and happy golden retriever. When I’m not spending time with my family, I can be found doing one of my other favorite activities—writing, reading and napping.

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